Beat the heat and fog!


So where do you go when it’s cooking inland and the beach is blanketed in fog? The Mall? Yep, the mall! I never thought I’d be heading away from the beach on a hot summer weekend such as this, but with a two year old in tow, we headed up the hill to the Promenade on the Peninsula for (pause), stay with me, the Fountain! And we weren’t alone. At least a dozen other parents had the same great idea and not only did the little guy have a blast, we ran into several neighbors while we ate lunch and kept on eye on the water fun. Yes, you do catch an occasional whiff of the obnoxious perfume odor billowing out of Abercrombie, but the screams of joy and laughter of the wet little ones makes up for it. And as we headed back home, the view of the fog creeping inland with the ocean breeze was all we needed to assure us we made the right call. Now, if only we had a pool in our backyard….

Happy Summer: Great guide to building raised garden beds

Why recreate the wheel when there’s great stuff already out there.  I’ll add photos from my own experience but so as not to waste anytime, here’s a great article from a website I’m addicted to –  Happy Summer