4109 Via Picaposte – $1.035m – ALL CASH!


What a way to ring in the new year!  Of my four readers, one of you may have noticed the real estate sign outside of 4109 Via Picaposte over the last couple of months.  Well, it closed last Friday for a sweet $1.035 M in cold hard cash.  Rumor has it and the cash usually shows it, that we may see this one on the market again soon – but not without a few construction trucks coming and going.  As long as the economy remains status quo, my guess is that we’re going to see some moderate price gains in our beloved Valmonte this year.  Given the fact that there are only 4 homes currently on the market here, and two of the four have offers, there certainly isn’t much supply for the demand.  And I’m sure all four of you know that that means one thing in economics – rising prices.  And in the biz, we like to call that a seller’s market.

2 thoughts on “4109 Via Picaposte – $1.035m – ALL CASH!

    • warner4109, thanks for following the ilovevalmonte blog. As a newcomer to Valmonte, I didn’t know Peg and Joe, but yes, may they rest in peace if they have passed on to the Valmonte in the heavens. I can tell by their great fruit trees they must have really loved their home and I can only hope to establish such roots one day. Kyle

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